Int. Christian Counseling & Leadership Bible Training Institute
*Esto nuntius fidelis; semper fidelis et verus*
*Be a faithful messenger; always faithful and true*


ICCLBTI Faculty:

Founder & President of ICCLBTI:                                                                                            

Dr. Charles LampteyMAp.Th., D. Min/CC (LOGOS University, Fl., USA) - Clergy, Author, Inventor, Joiner and Instructor in the department of Cognitive Psychology & Christian Counseling; Theological & Biblical Studies; Creativity & Innovative Developmental Skills; Black (Afro-centric) History; Biblical/Theological Studies.

Dr. Lamptey is the inventor of the CIPHERBET & CIPHERGIT glyptic writing and numeral systems. He is also the Founder and President of the Int. CIPHERBET & CIPHERGIT Legacy League. Like his Master, Christ Jesus, who worked with "wood," Dr. Lamptey's initial training in Germany was also in joinery. He holds the German "Tischler Gesellenbrief" (Certificate of Apprenticeship in Joinery).  

School Administrator:

Rev. Carola Lamptey, General Secretary of FGC/MFH Bremen; Head of FGC Finance Committee; Patron of FGC Women’s Fellowship; She is the Co-Inventor & Founder of the Int. CIPHERBET & CIPHERGIT Legacy League. 
Carola Lamptey completed the Two-Years Upper Commercial School and holds a Bachelor of Technical Management (IQ-Bremen, Germany).


Advisory Board:  

Dr. Don Allen Jr., .PhD, D.Litt, LICDC-CS / Clegy and Professor in the Department of Psychology & Christian Counselingwww.revdonallenjr.com
He is the President of the GCOTV School of Ministry (Cincinnati, USA) and the recent developer of the 15 credit-hour program entitled the "E. M. Bounds Study of Prayer". Dr. Allen is also the Chaplain at Summit Behavioral Healthcare, (a State Mental Health Hospital in Cincinnati).


 ICCLBTI Mentor(s):

ICCLBTI engages qualified “Certified Instructors” (CI) to tutor, lecture, supervise, and rectify examinations conducted within its spiritual  and academic jurisdictions. ICCLBTI will work in tandem and pari passu with all its International affiliate Bible Schools, Seminaries, Colleges and Universities to ensure a maximum, efficient and excellent academic and spiritual perfection in the light of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.   

ICCLBTI Int. Academic Partners:

LOGOS University

Tel: (800) 776-0127 (Office)

Fax: (904) 527-3581


6620 Southpoint Drive South

Suite 115

Jacksonville, Florida 32216

Association of Clergy Int.

Dr. Henry, President of the AOCI

DFW, Texas

United States


ICCLBTI / AOCI Course Professors:

Dr. Linda Smallwood, BBS, M.Min., D.Min.

Dr. Denis O'Callaghan, Ph.D., Th.D., D.Litt., D.Phil., D.D.

Dr. Steven C. Brown, D.D.

Dr. Michael J. Shanlian, BRE, M.A., Ph.D. ABD, D.D.

Dr. Henry Vazquez, B.B.S., M.Div., Th.D.

Dr. David Reagan, M.A., M.A.L.D., Ph.D.

Rabbi Nick Liebenberg

Dr. P.J. McDonald MRav.

Jim Sayles