Int. Christian Counseling & Leadership Bible Training Institute
*Esto nuntius fidelis; semper fidelis et verus*
*Be a faithful messenger; always faithful and true*

Year 1


Biblical Studies 1 (CERTIFICATE of Biblical Studies: Level 1)

BS1-0      Overview
BS1-1      How we got the Bible

BS1-2      History of the Septuagint 
BS1-3      How was the Old Testament Formed 
BS1-4      How was the New Testament Formed 
BS1-5      Studying the Bible 
BS1-6      Studying the Bible_Outlining 
BS1-7      Studying the Bible_Literary Styles_Genre 
BS1-8      Studying the Bible_Preparation 
BS1-9      Studying the Bible_Individual Book Study 
BS1-10    Studying the Bible_Topical Study 
BS1-11    Studying the Bible_Character Study 
BS1-12    Studying the Bible_Devotional Study 
BS1-13    Old Testament Survey_Jesus Portrayed in the Old Testament 
BS1-14    Old Testament Survey_The Pre-Incarnate Christ 
BS1-15    Old Testament Survey_Books of the Law 
BS1-16    Old Testament Survey_Books of History 
BS1-17    Old Testament Survey_Books of Poetry 
BS1-18    Old Testament Survey_Books of Proph.-Major Prophets
BS1-19    Old Testament Survey_Books of Proph.-Minor Prophets 
BS1-20    Introduction to the New Testament 
BS1-21    New Testament Survey_The Gospels 
BS1-22    New Testament Survey_Acts of the Apostles 
BS1-23    New Testament Survey_The Epistles 
BS1-24    New Testament Survey_Paul‘s Letters_Romans 
BS1-25    New Testament Survey_Paul‘s Letters_Galatians 
BS1-26    New Testament Survey_Paul‘s Letters to Individuals 
BS1-27    New Testament Survey_Letters Written by Others 
BS1-28    New Testament Survey_The Book of Revelation 
CNS731   Marriage and Family Counseling 
CNS738   Counseling Children