Int. Christian Counseling & Leadership Bible Training Institute
*Esto nuntius fidelis; semper fidelis et verus*
*Be a faithful messenger; always faithful and true*

Year 3


Biblical Studies 2 (CERTIFICATE of Biblical Studies: Level 2)

SYS-1     Anthropology-Hamartiology_Man & Sin

BS3-2     What Must I Do to be Saved

BS3-3     Is Baptism necessary for Salvation

BS3-4     Soteriology_Doctrines of Salvation

BS3-5     The Process of Salvation_Calvinism

BS3-6     The Process of Salvation_Arminianism

SYS-7     Ecclesiology_Doctrine of the Church

BS3-8     Replacement Theology_Supersessionism

BS3-9     About Angels_Introduction

BS3-10   About Angels_Angelic Hierarchy

BS3-11   About Angels_Fallen Angels

BS3-12   History of Christianity_Part 1

BS3-13   History of Christianity_Part 2

SYS-14   Eschatology_About the End-Times
CNS735  Stress Counseling

PSY612  Cognitive Therapy